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Code39, also known as 3 of 9 code, USD-3 and LOGMARS, is one of the most widely used bar code symbologies. LOGMARS stands for Logistics Applications of Automated Marking and Reading Symbols. It is a variation of code 39 defined in Military Standard MIL-STD-1189B.Code 39 Barcode Font accepts 43 valid input characters: 26 uppercase alphas, 10 digits and hyphen(-), period(.), space, dollar sign($), slash(/), plus(+) and percent (%).Normally, a checksum digit is not required. But in applications that require high accuracy, a modulo 43 checksum character is appended. With Barcodesoft Code 39 Barcode Font, it is quite simple to encode code 39 bar codes. Just bracket whatever you want to encode with asterisks, then apply one of the following fonts. Bar code will appear. There are 14 fonts contained in the package as listed below, marked by different trailing indicators. The fonts are available in both true type and PostScript formats.

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